Instagram Stickers - Essentials (Pack of 12)

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All stickers in the pack come as transparent downloadable PNGs. Each of the six designs comes as a white transparent style as well as a black style overlayed on a white circular shape. (Examples in photos).


To add to instagram story (for iPhones):

1. Save the image of your choice to your phone (I recommend creating an album on your phone so it’s easier to locate the images whenever you post).

2. Press the “share icon” and select “copy photo”

3. Head to your instagram story page and either select the pop-up on your iphone that says “add sticker” OR click the text button on Instagram Stories and tap the screen to select “paste”. The image should paste! If you have trouble, send me an email or a DM (@lineandletterdesigns).



To add to instagram story (for Android):