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"I still haven't booked a same-sex couple!" - you.

Oh, buddy. There is SO much work to be done. But you're not alone – I'm here to help!

As a Non-binary, Queer wedding vendor, I am passionate about educating the wedding industry about how to be more inclusive and Queer-affirming so EVERY client gets to have a "normal" experience. 

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Queer couples need vendors who CARE.

It's such a sad reality for most engaged Queer couples who have to not only hope a business is available to serve them, but also that the business is WILLING to serve them!

Queer couples need vendors like you who CARE deeply about giving them the same luxury experience that your straight, cisgender couples get.

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Fully-Inclusive Package • $1000

A combination of the Media Kit & Queer Inclusivity Audit plus FREE lifetime access to Tess' workshops, courses, and resources

Media Kit • $500

Collab with Tess to educate your followers through Instagram Live, editable copy templates for posts & your websites, plus FREE lifetime access to Tess' workshops, courses, and resources

Queer-Inclusivity Audit • $350

A recorded 90-minute deep dive, website & marketing copy update suggestions,
a full review of your website & marketing materials, plus a follow-up meeting to review changes & lifetime access to Tess for all of your questions

Website & Social Media Review • $150

10-20 minute recorded audit from Tess with an action plan to implement changes

Book me for a workshop • $200/hr

Workshop topics include:
- gender
- sexuality
- Queer client experience
- Inclusive copy & marketing

What are you waiting for?

Let's work together to get you booking and advocating for the communities you care about most!