About the Owner

Hi, I'm Tess!

Maker, student, designer, intersectional feminist, #exvangelical, partner, sister, daughter, the list goes on and on...

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picture of owner and her partner embracing in a wind-swept grass field

Ethan and I have been together since May 19, 2015! Ethan graduated in May 2018 from Kutztown University with a BA in History. He has an appreciation for genealogy, journalism, Parks and Rec, corgis, pomade and beard oil, pipes, specialty coffee, and social justice. You can always find us hanging out in our apartment in Downtown Lancaster!


picture of brick wall with the word "Lancaster" and a mural celebrating diversity and Lancaster city

I love my city- and not just the fancy, gentrified parts! After graduating with a teaching credential, I moved downtown and became a part-time worship director, Title I Reading Tutor, and business-woman! I am always up for collaborating with small-businesses within the community. I have enjoyed working with BigPlanetApparel, In White, Lush Bazaar, Meduseld Meadery, and Sweetish Candy!


Picture of a siamese cat laying sideways on a floral blue bedspread

 This is Cannoli. She enjoys sun-bathing, chasing flies, and walking all over me in the middle of the night.


picture of owner's friend laughing at camera while sitting in a coffee shop drinking a latte

If you haven't checked out the story of how L&L began...you're looking at the reason behind where the business is today! Meet Lilah- the very first customer (and my college roommate). Lilah is passionate about good music (in the car, she puts a playlist on before she even puts her seatbelt on), good thrift store finds, community organizing and urban empowerment, and all things Jersey.