About L&L

As a handlettering artist, it’s one of my greatest joys to play middle-woman between you and a loved one and a hand-lettered gift. Whether it’s a “good job pooping” sign that evokes a chuckle from a guest inside your bathroom, or a sign to welcome loved ones to your wedding—I want to make life, living, and memories more beautiful for you! At its core, that beauty is a result of mere lines and letters.

If you look closely at the logo- it actually tells a story! One of that same 18 year-old trying her best to handletter. “Line” is basic and straight— lacking creativity and looking very similar to the computer fonts I used when I first began. The ampersand (&) shows a shift in my handlettering journey. There’s some design and contrast to it. And then comes “Letter”—handlettered with flourishes and even a sense of expertise in the way it mingles with the rest of the piece.

Line & Letter exists through both retail and wholesale products, lettering services, and education so that others may learn how to find joy and beauty in their lives through handlettering.


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