About L&L


Line & Letter began as a hobby. 

Before I was using an iPad and brush pens, my medium was wood burning! I would make gifts for friends...and soon it was for my friends' friends...and eventually it was for complete strangers all over the country! Today, L&L exists through retail products, lettering services for weddings & businesses, and education.

As a handlettering artist, it’s one of my greatest joys to hear from y'all how a design I created for you impacted you or your loved ones.

Whether it’s a “great job pooping” sign that provokes a chuckle from a guest inside your bathroom, a sign to welcome loved ones to your wedding that you now keep in your bedroom, or a line drawing of your body that makes you feel celebrated—I want to make life, living, and memories more beautiful for everyone! 

If we break it down to its smallest part, that beauty is brought to life all because of simple lines and some handlettering.